The machine is suitable for continuous pasteurisation and cooling of various foodstuff contained in glass jars and bottles, tinplate cans, trays, ‘Doypack packagings’ and plastic bags, etc.
Treated products: vegetables in the form of sauces, creams, ‘pesto’, pickles, products preserved in oil, fruits, jams, juices, etc.


• Perfect pasteurisation with elimination of bacteria otherwise responsible of fermenting;
• Highly uniform thermal treatment (in compliance with HACCP) and product caring organoleptic characteristics;
• Steam consumption reduced to the minimum and constant keeping of pre-set temperature values thanks to the insulation of the pasteurisation area, of the pre-cooling area and of the     barriers among the various treatment areas;
• High energy recovery thanks to the possibility to use water that has been heated during the cooling phase as pre-heating water for the next cycle;
• Possibility to be combined with free cooler system or evaporation towers to reduce water consumption to the minimum;
• Treatment cycle can be automatically pre-set by means of a PLC control management, process parameters adjustment, recipe programming and memorisation, cycle data back-up;
• Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance;
• Possibility of sizing and tunnel configuration according to the required output per hour (in case of a wide surface it is manufactured in modules) and to the specific pre-set programming (the machine is suitable for both pasteurisation and cooling functions).


Model available in different sizes (from 4 up to 30 sq.mt)
Approximate production range 500 - 10000

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