An elevator with flights loads a specific quantity of carrots or potatoes into a rotating drum with a shaped bottom and walls covered with an abrasive. 

The rotation brings the potatoes into contact with the abrasive surfaces, which grate their skins.
Detachment of the skin is completed by a shower of water, and continuously drains them away separately. 
The loading, peeling and unloading operations are timed. The duration of a processing cycle is about 90 - 120 seconds (variable depending on the loaded product).

Optional: load cells to control the amount introduced into the peeler.

Approximate production range up to 2,400 kg/hour
Overall dimensions 3.890 x 1.460 x H 2.285 mm (automatic feeding elevator included)
Product quantity/cycle up to 40 kg
Cycle duration 1 -3 minutes

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