The machine is suitable to weigh, crumble and mix a wide range of vegetables to obtain pasty finished products like ‘pesto’ (‘basil Genovese pesto’, dried tomatoes pesto), patés (artichokes, olives, mushrooms, etc.), chickpeas hummus, tahini, creams, sauces, vegetables or fruits mashes, etc.
In particular the cutting machine can automatically work within production lines for the semi-processed base of the ‘basil Genovese pesto’.
In such plants, the machine is equipped with loading conveyors, ingredient dosing systems onto the loading cells and PLC for the management of processing cycle.


• Quick, even, regular and at the same time product caring cutting;
• Long-lasting and quick cutting component replacement;
• Possibility to adjust speed and process time from the control panel and to set the automatic production cycles;
• Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance.
• Possibility of sizing and configuration to suit different product characteristics and a production range spreading from crafty to industrial.

Approximate production range 500-3.000 kg/hour

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