Suitable for washing plastic or wooden crates.
Composed of 2/3 baths.

Equipped with:
• 2-3 pumps with pressure variable from 1 to 3 atm.
• double cartridge filters, one can be extracted leaving the other in operation
• underlying bath with a capacity of 200 lt. + 200 lt
• chain conveyor with hooks
• collector with nozzles for the top, bottom and sides of the crate to be washed, for a length of 2 m
• closed cabin with opening side door
• splashguard curtains at the crate entrance and exit
• Timed detergent injection device.

Possibility of a crate return belt to allow operation by a single operator.

Model Lineare o nastro ritorno
Approximate production range 100 - 600 boxes/hr

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