The machine is suitable to quickly dry delicate leafy vegetables (i.e. baby leaf salad, basil) by means of dehumidified air, preserving product freshness and prolonging its shelf-life at the same time.


• A special refrigeration system allowing a uniform and product caring treatment, without any mechanical stress;
• Possibility to automatically pre-set a wide range of process recipes, from the control panel which is equipped with PLC and touch screen display, varying operative unit speed values, air flux temperatures etc.,   according to the product to be treated and required production;
• Reduced energy consumption thanks to mono-block insulation, that allows to contain thermal losses and increase machine efficiency;
• Pre-assembled mono-block construction requiring significantly reduced installation time;
• Continuous machine cycle, therefore suitable for high production cycles;
• Hygienic design: all surfaces meant to get in contact with the product are smooth and free of roughness or spacing in which organic matter could otherwise settle down;
• Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance;
• Possibility of sizing and manufacturing configuration according to specific production needs.

Approximate production range Mod.5.500 up to 700 kg/hour ; Mod. 8500 up to 1.000 kg/hour
Overall dimensions for the data of the different models refer to the brochure

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