Coming from the north (Milan) or south (Bologna):
A1 - exit at Parma Ovest, head towards Parma for 2 km then, after the Taro river, turn right towards Collecchio. When you reach Collecchio, follow directions for Sala Baganza.

Coming from the south (La Spezia):
A15 - exit at Fornovo Taro, and head towards Parma. You will reach Collecchio after about 10 km. Take the ring road and follow directions for Sala Baganza.

Coming from Mantova:
Before entering Parma, take the ring road towards Milan and follow it to the end, where it leads into Via Emilia (towards Fidenza - Piacenza - Milan). Continue for 1 km, the turn left towards Collecchio. Continue for 6 km, then follow directions for Sala Baganza.

Coordinates for the navigator: 44.7262, 10.2357


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