Tecnoceam is based in Sala Baganza, the district that processes stainless steel for the food industry in Parma.
A highly developed support industry, made up of medium-sized companies, brought together by personal relationships that allow an unparalleled flexibility.
Immediate availability of quality stainless steel, laser cutters, industrial warehouses for all types of commercial components, experience, know-how, University of Food Engineering and Technologies, Experimental Preservation Station (SSICA), EFSA the European authority responsible for Food Safety.
These are the ingredients for building Made in Italy excellence. All this is the Food Valley of food engineering. There are strong synergies with the food companies. Here in Parma there is the pasta and ready sauces giant (BARILLA The Italian Food Company), giants in the tomato processing, making a product that exists everywhere but here has become a product of excellence, taking on the world because here the red is more vivid and the taste is more intense yet delicate.
Here the tradition (how it is done) and the search for the new (how it can be used, what the market is after) blend on a daily basis.
Ready meals, pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Parma ham, Felino salami, Zibello culatello ham, are the ingredients for thousands of recipes that bring Parma to the world.
You cannot miss a visit to Parma, not only to admire the machines built by Tecnoceam, but also to visit the Fortress of Sala Baganza, the Tomato Museum and to visit Parma and surrounding area to taste the local dishes.

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